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2.DVIP Agreement:

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01、Project name:

02、Design Company:



05、Area (sqm):

06、Completion year:

07、Photographer name:

08、the floor plan & photos of project (above 15):

09、Company Introduction (100 words)

10、The photo of the designers or the logo of your company (DPI 300)

(1)、Concept Design (200 words)
(2)、Feature (200 words)


Live pictures,the real photos of the completed projects;
* Rendering photos;
* Elevation drawings
* Section drawings
* Construction drawings
* Floor plan
As for the pixels of the photos:
SIZE: 3000*4000, DPI: 300dpi
If   jpg: between 3MB and 10MB,the larger the better
If   tif: between10MB and 30MB,the larger the better

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